The River Thames outside DLD College London


Dr. Rupy Aujla Visits DLD College London: Inspiring Students to Embrace Healthy Eating

13th June 24

Renowned medical doctor and culinary medicine expert, Dr. Rupy Aujla, recently visited DLD College London to impart his extensive knowledge on healthy eating and its profound impact on overall well-being….

Another Year, Another Set of Exceptional IELTS Results

13th June 24

Much to our disbelief, the end of the academic year is almost upon us, and it seems like only yesterday that we were outlining the expectations of the Academic English…

Touring The Globe Theatre

6th June 24

Before half-term we took students from Year 9 and Year 10 on a guided tour of the Globe theatre, the playhouse most associated with William Shakespeare. The area, known as…

International Year 9 Science Conference on Climate Change

23rd May 24

How will climate change impact… the Sahara desert, the Arctic, Antarctica, the Amazon Rainforest, Ecuador, Iran, Italy, the UK? This was the question that our Year 9 students have been…

From The Principal #207

26th April 24

Dear Parents and Guardians, DLD is in full study mode with revision sessions and extra support clinics preparing our final year students for their external examinations. Study leave for students…

From The Principal #206

12th April 24

Dear Parents and Guardians, Welcome back after what was hopefully a relaxing Easter break. Just 10 school weeks are left before we break up for the long summer holidays, but…

ISA Esports Tournament at DLD

22nd March 24

The Independent Schools Association esports tournament at DLD College London made history with the first ever ISA National Esports event. The competition was a great opportunity for ISA students to…

Acing Exams: Essential Tips for Students

11th March 24

With mock exams in full swing, and exam season coming up, we wanted to share some advice which we offer our students here at DLD College London, to help manage…

From The Principal #204

8th March 24

Dear Parents and Guardians, With mock examinations completed and coursework deadlines drawing near for many, it certainly feels like the business end of the school year is fast approaching. Beyond…

World Book Day 2024

8th March 24

To celebrate World Book Day this year the English Department ran a Five -Book Challenge for Year 9 and separate Ten-Book Challenges for Years 10 and 12. We wanted to…