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Each academic year, a number of Scholarships are offered by DLD College London. Awards can range from 5% to 50% of tuition fees depending on the type of Scholarship being awarded. Scholarships are offered to students showing talent and potential in a subject area of their choice. Scholars are expected to contribute to student life in the school and to participate in co-curricular activities offered.

Suitability for a Scholarship will be assessed through the admissions process and students will be asked to complete an assessment in their chosen subject(s).

The Scholarships available are non means-tested and offer a remission against tuition fees.


Alpha Scholars Programme

Open to both International and Domestic students, the Alpha Scholars programme offers Scholarships of up to 50% of tuition fees to students who can demonstrate academic brilliance and leadership qualities.

For further details, please visit the dedicated web page here.


Domestic Scholarships

Our Domestic Scholarships are available to UK based students only, who hold a British passport or who have British citizenship. There are several different types of scholarship available offering up to 40% remission against tuition fees.

  • Academic Scholarships – This Scholarship is awarded to students who can demonstrate academic excellence and potential. Students who wish to participate should choose one or two subjects that they are strong in and plan to study at A Level or BTEC.
  • Creative Scholarships – Available to students who excel in Art or Drama. Assessment will include a performance/portfolio plus an assessed written piece of work.
  • Sports Scholarships – Co-curricular activities are very important at DLD College London. If you compete in football, netball or boxing, a Sports Scholarship may be available to you. You will be assessed either during a club fixture or on an individual basis by our Head of Co-Curricular Activities and Sport and also be interviewed. Students awarded with a Sports Scholarship will be expected to be fully involved with the school team and activities.

How will the assessment take place?

We can assess students face-to-face at the college or, for students based outside of London, a remote assessment under exam conditions can be arranged.

When will I find out my result?

We allow up to five working days to confirm the outcome of your assessment.

Is my scholarship valid for the duration of my study?

Yes, but please note, the college reserve the right to withdraw Scholarships should attendance, behaviour or non-participation be affected during your studies.

How do I apply for a scholarship?

For more information, please contact our Admissions Team on


Early applications are encouraged – please contact for more information.



For further information please contact our Domestic Admissions Team:
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7935 8411