GCSE Programmes

A Distinctive Offering – Blending Traditional GCSEs with Innovative BTEC Courses to Stand Out from the Crowd

Future-proofing students for the careers of tomorrow is a statement that is used a great deal in education. At DLD College London we are putting this into action by offering a new GCSE programme that combines well-established subjects with those that are cutting-edge and innovative.

We offer a two-year experience for students in Years 10 and 11 to gain renowned qualifications which span a broad range, from well-established traditional subjects to those that are cutting-edge and innovative giving a strong basis for further study and A Level choices as well as the world of work. Students will study a core set of GCSEs and are then able to choose between traditional GCSE subjects or BTEC awards in Business, Performing Arts, Sport and the ground-breaking new Esports BTEC. The BTEC qualifications are equivalent to a GCSE, recognised by universities and provide a real insight into the many career opportunities that are available in these industries, thereby informing future study choices.

We also offer a one-year programme which focuses on a selection of traditional subjects that properly equip students for progression to the A Level programme.

Developing our students to be the leaders of tomorrow in a diversified world is a core value we build into a DLD education. In addition to academic qualifications, every student will also receive high quality training and guidance on career development, learning and organisational skills, research opportunities, and have the opportunity to engage with leaders of industry, business and pioneers in a variety of fields.

London is very much our classroom, being situated on the South Bank overlooking the Palace of Westminster, and students get to uniquely benefit from our position in this world-leading city!

Two Year Programme Summary

Two Year Programme GCSEs BTEC Awards
4 x Core GCSEs English / IELTS


Double Science

4  x  Optional GCSEs or BTEC Awards


Art or Sport
Film Studies or Business (Enterprise)
Geography or Performing Arts
History or Esports
2 x Additional GCSEs English Literature

Triple Science upgrade

One Year Programme Summary

One Year Programme GCSEs
5 x Core GCSEs English / IELTS





2  x  Optional GCSEs Art


1 x Additional GCSE English Literature