At DLD College London, all students are enrolled into a House system and allocated to one of our five Houses based on the London Underground. Through joining a House during their time at school, each student becomes part of a small community within the larger community, enabling them to make friends across the school and to develop soft skills of team work, collaboration and leadership. They earn House Points by competing in House competitions and activities which creates a great atmosphere of drive and determination within the students.

House competitions and activities take place regularly throughout the school year, run by our Housemasters and Housemistresses. These can include anything from House Football and House Table Tennis, to the Spelling Bee and House Trips.

District House

We are District House, September 2022

District House

District House is run by Housemaster Nick Taylor and Assistant House Mistress Hannah Ryder.

Housemaster, Nick Taylor, has happily worked at DLD long enough for former students to return as parents. He mainly teaches English Language and Literature, and at various times he has been Head of Subject, Head of GCSE, Director of Studies, and for many years a Personal Tutor; this is his second year as HM of District House.

Outside of work, Nick Cave, occasional opera and Manchester United provide pleasures and frustrations in different measure.

The House values of resilience, confidence and initiative I hope chime with the school’s expectations of kindness, tolerance and respect, as well as intellectual curiosity and academic ambition.

But the House renews itself each year, with new students, new goals, new opportunities, and perhaps this year with a new emphasis in our values. House-Captains Liv and Akram, and House Leader Sarina reflect the many students in the House who are thoughtful, helpful and ambitious, as well as our ‘post-it note’-Don’t forget to be kind: we will see how our House values will be refreshed again to reflect who we are. Every year at DLD brings something new, perhaps mainly in the person of our new students.

So I’m looking forward to seeing how the House with the green lanyard grows and evolves again, to seeing who we will become this year.

District House Update

District House End of Year Round-Up

Metropolitan and District House trip to Brighton

Jubilee House

Jubilee House

Jubilee House is run by Housemistress Celestine Cawley and Assistant House Master Janvier Mbogol.

Hello, I am Celestine, Head of Jubilee House. Here at DLD, I teach Business and I am also Head of IFP. Something I enjoy is travelling to new countries and learning about new cultures, so I am excited to hear about where you are from and get some inspiration for my next destination.

In Jubilee House, we pride ourselves on upholding our values of Independence, Growth and Ambition. Our House Team has Brie as the House Captain, and Matin, Arian, Pouneh, Alex and Luke are the House leaders. They inspire and motivate the House to be the best they can be. In Jubilee, we rise to the challenges we face with ambition and reflect on our performance in our academic studies, House competitions and events, enabling us to grow and showcase ourselves at our best.

Jubilee House Round Up

Jubilee House student is first to receive 50 House points!

Jubilee House End of Year Round-Up

Northern House

Northern House

Northern House is run by Housemistress Lindsay Reed and Assistant House Mistress Marie Kerrigan.

Northern House Update

Northern House Update!

Northern House are top of the leaderboard!

Northern House End of Year Round-Up

Piccadilly House

Piccadilly House 2022

Piccadilly House

Piccadilly House is run by Housemistress Fumisani St Marthe and Assistant House Mistress Katherine Maclennan.

Hello, I am Fumi, Head of Piccadilly House. I teach Business here at DLD but have also taught Economics and ICT. A quirky fact about me is that I have been to Comic Con more than once!

I am a proud Piccadillian. Our House values are Intergrity, Determination and Leadership. Noa, the House Captain is ably supported by the House Leaders Arnav, Kadie and Vlad. We are passionate and in everything that we do, whether it be participating in house competitions, cheering our fellow Piccadillians on or even the classroom, we do it with Piccadilly Pride.

The Tortoise & the Hare – Piccadilly House close the gap!

Piccadilly House End of Year Round-Up