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From The Principal #206

12th April 24

James KiddDear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome back after what was hopefully a relaxing Easter break. Just 10 school weeks are left before we break up for the long summer holidays, but even though time seems to be flying along, there is still much to do.

Over the Easter break, a number of students enjoyed a trip to Scotland, led by Jan Haines, as part of her “touring the UK” series; as is so often the case, we so easily fall into the trap of focusing on what is here on our doorstep and forget the amazing history and scenery in other parts of the country. My thanks to Jan, assisted by fellow Houseparent Tom Hoskins, for leading these trips – do read on for more details.

The examination year groups had an assembly shortly before the end of term, reminding them of the process and procedures for the public examinations; they will quickly be upon us, so starting revision now (if not already!) is very much the order of the day. There is a parents’ evening for parents/guardians of Year 11 and Year 12 students on Monday – I hope these meetings go well, and students heed the feedback given.

However, this week was all about the incoming Student Council, for the year 24/25. They took up their posts from Wednesday, receiving their golden lanyards from Principal Irfan Latif, alongside a final speech from Olivia, one of the outgoing Heads of School. A proud moment for all, but a lot of work to come. The 24/25 Student Council is led by Heads of School Arian and Mariella, who will, I am sure, lead the team to great things! Reflecting on their appointments, Arian and Mariella said:

“We’re stepping into our roles with enthusiasm and gratitude as the new student council. We want to express our sincere appreciation to Olivia, Mark, our exceptional teachers, dedicated staff, and the entire student body for their support and the strong foundation they’ve laid for us. Collaboration, communication, and inclusivity are at the core of our leadership approach as we endeavor to guide our school community forward. Your input is invaluable to us, and we welcome any ideas or concerns you may have. Let’s come together, celebrate our achievements, and support one another as we strive for a brighter future. Our unity is our strength, and by working together, we can accomplish remarkable things. So, let’s embrace every challenge, cherish every success, and stand united every step of the way.”

Inspiring words from our new Heads of School; I, and everyone else at DLD wishes them the best of luck in their new roles!

Kind regards,
James Kidd, Senior Vice Principal & DSL