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From the Principal #89

2nd October 20

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students This week marked the official start of the academic calendar with the first round of Milestone Tests for Year 13 and Year 11. Next week, Year 12 will sit their Milestone Tests and other year groups will follow suit after. The Milestone tests are the first formal assessments replicating public…

From the Principal #88

25th September 20

Hello and greetings from DLD College London. The ambience in the college has very much been upbeat over the past week as an increased number of students are now in the lessons as they complete periods of quarantine after travelling from countries around the world. It’s been very pleasing to have received survey feedback from…

From the Principal #87

18th September 20

Walking around College and seeing students and staff in classrooms, the Atrium, in the boarding house, the Global Kitchen and on the new Sports Pitch and Wellbeing Garden has been both heartening and reassuring. I have been delighted by how everyone is adapting to the new school ‘normal’. I believe it is a testament to…

From the Principal #86

11th September 20

A heartfelt and warm welcome to DLD College London, whether you are a current family or have joined DLD this week for the first time. I’m delighted to be writing to you, our DLD community, with the first edition for this academic year of ‘From The Principal’, which you’ll receive every Friday around 5 pm…

From the Principal #85

26th June 20

No one can deny that this has been a school term – indeed a year – like no other. A year that started with such optimism and excitement across the whole College, suddenly morphed into something wholly unexpected, a Coronavirus induced hibernation, from which we are only now beginning to awaken. When we cast our…

From the Principal #84

19th June 20

It’s a real pleasure to greet you as we move towards the final week of the term. I hope that you are safe and well, wherever you are around the world. As this most unusual term draws to a close, I would like to take this opportunity of thanking the DLD College London community for…

From the Principal #83

12th June 20

First, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all – parents, guardians and teachers for your support during these unprecedented times. What a strange feeling to be in exam mode but not have any traditional exams running at this stage in college. And yet, every year group has been assessed and teachers…

From the Principal #82

5th June 20

The recent events in the US have shocked and saddened the world. The murder of an unarmed black man in police custody has caused much pain and distress. Demonstrations have broken out in America and across the globe following the death of George Floyd, who died after a white officer held him down by pressing…

From the Principal #81

22nd May 20

This year, the theme for Mental Health Awareness Week is very appropriately ‘Kindness’ which is one of the College’s core values along with ‘Tolerance’ and ‘Respect’.  Kindness is the common thread that keeps us together and connected from a distance, helping to alleviate feelings of stress, anxiety and isolation – something we can all do…

From The Principal #80

15th May 20

Although the lockdown is starting to be relaxed, there is no relaxation yet in sight for our students. Within the next few weeks until the end of term, we have some key academic events taking place such as the start of the UCAS process next week for all Year 12 students, the progression exams for…

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