The River Thames outside DLD College London

Students enjoy a Culinary Masterclass

27th June 24

Students experienced an incredible day of culinary training crafted by in-house Chef Antonio and the exceptional team at CH&CO. This exciting course took place in DLD’s Global Kitchen, providing students with an unforgettable hands-on learning experience.

Throughout the day, pupils were immersed in various culinary techniques and skills. They began with an essential lesson on food hygiene before advancing to basic knife skills. The students then moved on to make pasta from scratch, accompanied by a session on crafting delicious pasta sauces. They also learned to cook the perfect steak, explored the art of potatology, mastered the delicate process of making sushi, and finished by baking a traditional sponge cake.

This was part of the DLD Qualifications Day, organised by Assistant Principal Gareth Evans. The day was a resounding success, showcasing the school’s commitment to providing unique and practical learning opportunities. We even caught a glimpse of Principal Irfan Latif donning a chef hat and serving students lunch in one of his final acts before leaving DLD this summer!

A final thank you to Chef Antonio and his team for creating this unique learning opportunity and inspiring the next generation of culinary wizards.