Student Council

At student council, a number of students take on the responsibility of representing the whole student body.

The student council voices the needs, wants and concerns of the student body to both teachers and Senior Leadership Team. It is their job to think of new ideas for the school and brings them before the school Senior Leadership Team. They are also responsible for encouraging school spirit through initiating school events such as a Prom, Sports and Extra Curricular, Cultural Events like Chinese New Year, Fundraising for School Charity.

DLD College London student council representatives for this academic year are:

Head of School Alramina
Head of School Tim
School Prefect – College Projects Dyandra
School Prefect – College Projects Monica
School Prefect – College Projects Amirreza
School Prefect – Charity & Community Archie
School Prefect – Charity & Community Jonah
School Prefect – Charity & Community Kayla
School Prefect – Wellbeing Oleksandra
School Prefect – Wellbeing Vafa
School Prefect – Wellbeing Veronika
School Prefect – Events Diogo
School Prefect – Events Louis
School Prefect – Events Maya


DLD College London

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