The River Thames outside DLD College London

ISA Art Awards 2023/24

10th May 24

We are delighted to announce the latest results of the ISA Competitions for 2023-2024.

  • First Place in the category Keystage 4- 5 for the ISA Comic strip Competition 2024
  • Second Place in the category Keystage 4- 5 for the ISA Comic strip Competition 2024
  • Participant Place in the category Keystage 4- 5 for the ISA Comic strip Competition 2024
  • Second Place ISA Digital Art Competition 2024

Art and Design at DLD College in London enables our students to access a diverse range of museums, galleries, exhibitions, and Art events. We often collaborate with local galleries and organise local gallery visits as well as participating in workshops run by professional artists, exposing our students to unique experiences. The most frequently visited practical workshops are: Introduction to painting techniques, Digital ADOBE Photoshop, Digital Illustrator, Creative drawing, Graphic Animation, Introduction to printing making. We lead in creativity and technology whilst delivering a programme of in-depth practical workshops and an array of extra-curricular programmes.

Throughout the academic year, our focus has been on nurturing and honing the artistic talents of our students. The realm of Art provides many avenues for exploration, from traditional drawing and painting techniques to cutting-edge digital applications, printmaking, textiles, and beyond. It is a subject that captivates the imagination and rewards creativity, empowering our students to engage with the world in a visual and tactile manner.

I take immense pride in witnessing the remarkable progress our students have made over the year. They have received expert guidance and support as they navigate the intricate landscape of A Level, GCSE and International Foundation Programme courses, with many securing Degree course places at a broad range of esteemed Art Colleges in London, nationally and internationally. From Parsons in New York to Central Saint Martins in London to the vibrant studios of Istituto Marangoni in London and Milan!

The dedication and enthusiasm displayed by our students in their projects have been truly inspiring. Their adept problem-solving skills, creativity, collaborative spirit, and eagerness to embrace new techniques and materials have set them apart. Moreover, their unwavering commitment to their craft, evident in their timely submissions and willingness to take on additional challenges, speaks volumes about their passion for artistic expression. It is a privilege to witness their growth and evolution as artists, and I am confident that they will continue to make their mark in the world of Art and Design, and that they will continue to grow and develop as artists and designers of the future. We would like to thank our talented cohort on another successful year, and we wish them the very best over the summer exams and holidays, and for the future.

The Art and Design Department