The River Thames outside DLD College London

MOvember raises £261

2nd December 20

November can mean only one thing here at DLD and that’s Movember! As, like much of this term, we had to be both agile and creative in how we went about organising this year’s fundraising event, it seemed like a good idea to make use of an on-site rowing machine to create some healthy competition by running a 500m indoor rowing event, or as we referred to it, ‘The Row Mo’.

Some thought this would be an easy task however, 1min 30secs in many hit the wall and came to an abrupt realisation that this was going hurt! A huge congratulations must go to all those brave Mo Bro’s that gave it a shot and dared to dream.

Two individuals put in a herculean effort which set them apart from the rest (see below). Please do congratulate them when you see them.

Staff 1st Place – Pat Danzelman (1min 41secs)
Student 1st Place – Beka B (1min 29secs)

Sean Gallagher, Head of Co-curricular & Sport