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September 2020 Colleges Reopening Message

19th June 20

Abbey DLD is committed to providing a safe environment for all students, and preparations are being made to ensure that when our colleges reopen this September, all students are welcomed into a safe environment.

Prior to the closure of UK schools in late March, our colleges introduced enhanced measures to ensure the safety of both our staff and students. We will be adding additional measures to these in order to continue offering students a safe and healthy environment in which to study.

As a group of colleges we have committed to the Boarding School Associations’ (BSA) Covid Safe Charter. By committing to this charter, the Abbey DLD Group of Colleges are committing to:

  • Ensuring all college facilities and all staff are adequately prepared for the return of students in September 2020
  • Providing guidance and advice to students ahead of their arrival in the UK
  • Providing a safe arrival upon entry into the country and upon arrival at the college campus for all students
  • Ensuring all colleges adhere to appropriate safety measures on a day-to-day basis

Please visit the BSA Covid Safe Charter for full details of the measures we will be introducing and the commitment we are making.

Mark Hanley-Browne


Mark Hanley-Browne
CEO, Alpha Plus GroupBSA Covid Safe Charter Logo

Section 1: Providing a safe arrival for students

At the Airport

  • All students arriving into London Heathrow or Manchester will be met by an Abbey DLD representative who is aware of, and follows, appropriate social distancing guidance.
  • Transfers will be arranged with reliable and safe companies we have used in previous years, these companies will be aware of, and will follow, appropriate safety guidelines.
  • Drivers will wear a face covering at all times when in proximity to the student in enclosed areas, unless screens are provided, and the vehicle will contain sanitiser and suitable wipes.

Protective Equipment & Testing

  • Students may bring their own face mask/face covering. Each college will have a supply of masks available should students choose to wear them.
  • Thermal cameras are being installed at each college and hand sanitizers will be available in all colleges. Students and staff will be encouraged to regularly wash their hands and use hand sanitizer.
  • Tests will be available in all colleges should these be required.


  • For the safety of everyone involved, all students will quarantine upon arrival on college premises or at their homestay for a period of 14 days. If students arrive to college at the start of term, they will commence their studies by attending online lessons during this time.
  • Boarding students will be able to quarantine in the comfort of our boarding accommodation. Upon arrival at the college, students will be met by their respective house parent, all house parents will be aware of, and will abide by social distancing rules.
  • All boarding students will be quarantined in small huddles up to a maximum of 15 people. Students will only be able to interact with others within their huddle. Meals will be provided within each huddle throughout the quarantine period. Each huddle will have access to a houseparent at all times.
  • Where students are living in private accommodation or homestay accommodation, students will be asked to provide their address and will be expected to self-isolate or quarantine.

Welfare & Induction

  • All students will have access to a house parent and/or personal tutor should they wish to discuss any worries, fears or concerns.
  • All students will take part in a full induction which follows social distancing rules. The induction will ensure students are kept active and engaged throughout the quarantine period.

View our Abbey Abbey DLD Quick Welcome Guide for more information.

Section 2: Maintaining a safe college for students & staff

  • As a community it is our shared responsibility to maintain a healthy and safe environment.
    Once inside the colleges, all students will be made aware of safety measures designed to maintain a safe college environment.
  • All staff and students will be asked to commit to these measures which will include respecting the one-way systems in place in the colleges and all rules for the safe use of lifts and stairs, observing social distancing measures within the college and when off site, and reporting symptoms should they occur.
  • Day students, those living off campus, and staff will be encouraged to adhere to all college guidelines such as observing social distancing.
  • Boarding students will be only be allowed off site with permission of their house parent, and will also be expected to adhere to guidelines such as observing social distancing or wearing face masks where social distancing is not possible.
  • There will be a strict regime of regular disinfection of classrooms and common areas, and bedrooms will be deep cleaned weekly.
  • Visitors will only be allowed in the building once they have agreed to adhere to all Covid-19 College rules.

Section 3: Handling a positive Covid-19 case in college

  • As a college community, we continue to monitor and follow the advice of the Department of Education and the Boarding School Association (BSA).
  • All students and staff will be required to report symptoms should they occur and testing will be provided in such cases.
  • Any member of staff who has tested positive or been in contact (within the last 14 days) with another person with Covid-19 will be asked to quarantine for 14 days.
  • Students that test positive will also be asked to quarantine for 14 days. In such cases lessons will be provided online and students living in Abbey DLD accommodation will have meals delivered to their room.
  • Each college has boarding areas to facilitate onsite self-isolation if required by any student.
  • Should there be a positive case in the college, there will be a deep clean to stop the spread of infection.

Section 4: Assisting students unable to return home at the end of term

  • Students that remained in the UK for the summer term will need to vacate their accommodation at the end of term. Each college is assisting all students with their plan to return home. Where this is not possible due to travel restrictions, we will provide assistance to ensure students are accommodated in a safe environment.
  • As each individuals case is unique, please contact the college directly for an update on your son/daughter.

Section 5: Support and inclusion for those starting online

  • It is important that all Abbey DLD students feel a part of the college community from day one.
  • Regardless of a student’s arrival date, every effort will be made by the college and the teachers to ensure every student feels involved. Those joining online, and those in the UK and under quarantine will be asked to join a virtual induction. During this time there will be a number of sessions designed to help students settle in, meet their class mates and tutors, and to ask for support.
  • We encourage all students, whether arriving in the UK at the start of term, or beginning lessons online, to join us from the 1st September.

View our Abbey DLD Online Learning Guide  for more information.

The Covid-19 pandemic has created many challenges for schools and colleges around the world, but the benefits of a top-class education at one of our colleges are as relevant as ever. Our goal is to provide every pupil with a safe, happy and fulfilling learning experience next year, whether remote or on-site. We are confident in our safety protocols, backed by the experience of the Alpha Plus Group, who have ensured the safe return to school of nearly 1,000 prep school children in London since 1st June 2020.