The River Thames outside DLD College London

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Piccadilly House Update

8th March 24

In Piccadilly assemblies, I talk a lot about resilience – the idea of not giving up when things don’t go as expected, but instead to learn from their failures. At…

Top of the Class!… DLD Students Celebrate Mathematics Challenge Success

9th December 23

Talented students at DLD College London have excelled in a prestigious, national mathematics challenge organised by the UK Mathematical Trust, securing a series of top accolades. As they put their…

UK Senior Maths Challenge 4 October 2022

7th October 22

This year, 18 DLD College London A Level Maths students took part in the UK Senior Maths Challenge – our largest number so far and we are hoping for many…

Bletchley Park Visit

29th June 22

DLD students had a field day at Bletchley Park, the secret codebreaking hub where Alan Turing and thousands of co-workers cracked messages of the German navy during WW2. Essential history…

GCSEs versus BTECs: Should you choose the traditional or progressive option?

9th March 22

When it comes to choosing which GCSE subjects to study at the end of Year 9, there’s a lot to consider. And with GCSEs currently under scrutiny, big changes are…