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Piccadilly House Update

8th March 24

In Piccadilly assemblies, I talk a lot about resilience – the idea of not giving up when things don’t go as expected, but instead to learn from their failures. At this time of year when Year 11 and Year 13 students are receiving their mock results, being resilient is all the more important. I recognise that some of our students may feel discouraged by their results, but they should see this as an opportunity to learn and grow.

In December we said goodbye to Katherine, the Assistant Housemistress (AHM) for Piccadilly. She had been working very closely with Upper School students and House leadership team, however, we welcome Max back to Piccadilly as the new AHM.

Since September, our House Captain, Daria, and House Leaders, Skye, Hector and Liza have admirably led two charity events. In the first term, they encouraged all members of the DLD community to donate clothing and toys for Christmas. At the end of this term, they will be hosting a bake sale to raise money for Waterloo Foodbank.

As I write this, Piccadilly House are top of the ePraise leadership board. I want to acknowledge some of our notable Piccadillians who include:

  • Timur – Intermediate Maths Challenge
  • Yutong – achieved Gold Award at the Senior Maths Challenge
  • Ivan – first in the House to be awarded 100 ePraise points
  • Timur, Shahab, Taylor, Lujayn, Alice< Marcel, Skye and Andrea – all have received 50 or more ePraise points. (as I write this, Piccadilly House are top of the weekly leaderboard!)
  • Joaw – first in the House pancake race
  • Ilia, Ivan, Shazmeen and Zara showing off their musical talents at the Live Lounge

Fumi St Marthe, Housemistress Piccadilly House