The River Thames outside DLD College London


Marie Do Reza

Marie-Dominique Reza joined DLD College London in 1999. At university, she read French Literature and then specialised in Comparative Literature for her Master’s degree. Prior to starting a PhD in Comparative Literature at the University of Nantes (France), Marie-Dominique spent a year in Hertfordshire teaching French, Latin and Classical Studies.

Delighted by her teaching experience and charmed by the British wit, she decided to stay in Britain. Since then, she has taught in a variety of secondary schools and colleges but took a break from teaching to look after her three children. She could not however keep away from teaching for long and ran tailor-made courses for three companies in London. Once her children were at school, she came back to full-time teaching.

Marie-Dominique is passionate about giving students the best learning experience and broadening their skills to prepare them for the future.