The River Thames outside DLD College London

DLD Goes Plastic Free

7th May 19

DLD College is going plastic free. The College has stopped selling single use plastic bottles completely, with students and staff being issued a reusable bottle to use instead. This project was devised and implemented by one of our year 12 students and Environmental club member, Cherkez.

Cherkez had this to say about the new initiative – “A few months back I set myself a target, to make a difference and help the environment and natural world, which I love. I calculated that students and staff, in their consumption of bottled water sold on-site, were producing approximately 75,000 units of plastic waste a year. I knew that this number was too high and that something had to be done about it. I thought if I gave each student and member of staff their own reusable water bottle, they can use one of the many water fountains in the College and we could cut down on our plastic waste considerably.

Some of the last stages of the project involved negotiation with the suppliers of refillable water bottles, organisation of delivery as well as temporary storage, and here I would not have been able to do much without the support of Katherine Stroak who I would like to thank personally.

Just as I keep my house tidy, I want the planet, in all of its magnificence and splendour, to prosper. I am ready to incur the costs, the question is: Are You?”