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A Level Results Day – Top Tips

10th August 15

A level results day at DLD College London

A Level Results Day – Top Tips

The wait is nearly over, A Level Results Day is almost here. There will be joy and tears, delight and disappointment across the country. However much you revised, however well you think you performed in your exams, and however confident you’re feeling, you’re still bound to be nervous. Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

It is vital to be prepared on A Level Results Day. You may do better than you thought, you might do worse. You may need to go through Adjustment, or Clearing, or you might even have to think about resits. Whatever happens, it’s best to be ready for all outcomes, so here at DLD College London we have a put together a few handy hints and tips for you to help you through the day.

What To Take With You

Your Mobile Phone
An obvious piece of advice, but make sure you charge it fully before you leave. You could even bring the charger with you if you want to be super covered. If you need to speak to universities you might be on hold for a while. Or you might want to call your friends and family and tell them how well you’ve done.

UCAS Track Login Details
UCAS Track goes live at 8am so most students will be able to see their university confirmation. Your actual results won’t be online, so you’ll still need to go in and pick those up. If you can’t get in for whatever reason, contact the college and arrange to have them sent out to you.

University Correspondence
If you need to contact your University for some reason, it’s better to have the details of your Firm Choice and Insurance Choice to hand than to have to go searching for them.

The Daily Telegraph
Pick up a copy of the Daily Telegraph on the way in, they print the official list of available clearing listings for the year.

Notepad and a Couple of Pens
You may need to make some notes or take down some phone numbers.

A Bottle of Water
Stay hydrated, it could be a long day.

DLD A level results day at DLD College London

What To Do If…

You meet the requirements for your first choice university

Congratulations. You should be very pleased with and proud of yourself. All that studying and sacrifice has paid off. Call your people and let them know, they will be keen to hear from you. Your results should be forwarded to your University and appear in Track. Don’t panic if they’re not up immediately, they can take a while to come through. If they’re not there by the following day, call them up and find out what the score is.

Your university will then contact you with instructions what to do next, and seven days after your place is confirmed you will be able to view your confirmation letter in Track.

You exceed the requirements for your first choice university

Wow. Well done. Once you have stopped jumping up and down in excitement, you have a very important decision to think about. You could carry on as any normal student and go to the university of your choice, or you could apply to a different course at a better university. This is known as Adjustment. You can regsiter on UCAS Track for Adjustment and you have five days to negoitate a place on a course at a different university.

Adjustment is completely down to you. You decide if you want to do it, you have to contact the university and organise it. You can try Adjustment and if you don’t find anything you like you, or get any other offers, you can still go back to your original course.

To find out a little bit more about Adjustment, have a look here.

You don’t quite get the grades you were after

Ok, don’t panic. All might not be as disastrous as it seems at first. There is still a good chance you can get accepted onto the course you want at your first choice university. It all depends on how close to your offer you were, and how many other students are in the same boat as you. The first thing you should do is contact your university. They may be willing to accept you with with lower grades or off you a place on a different course.

You don’t get on your firm choice course at your first choice university but your grades meet the requirement for your insurance offer

Well done. Once again all you need to do is watch your Track status and wait for the university to contact you with the information you will need.

You don’t get the grades you need for your Insurance Offer

Once again, all might not be lost. Call up your Insurance University and speak to them and see if they will take you. If they don’t you still have options.

Your first option is Clearing.

If you don’t don’t make your Firm Choice or Insurance Choice offers, you are eligible for Clearing. This means you can approach any university that still have places left and ask them if they will offer you a place on one of their courses. For more details on Clearing on A Level Results Day, check out the UCAS website here.

Your second option might be Resits or a change of course to a BTEC.

You might have had a nightmare in some of the exams. You might have decided that exams are not for you. Whatever you chose DLD College London has got the right course for you. We offer a number of One Year A Level Programmes if you need to improve your grades a bit. Or if you’ve had enough of sitting exams, how about one of our three new BTEC courses, Business, Media Production and Music Technology?

Interested? Visit us at our website or call us on 020 7935 8411, and one of our friendly members of staff will help you.

Good luck!