The River Thames outside DLD College London

District House Update

3rd February 23

As we come to the end of the fourth week of the Spring term it has been, as ever, a busy time for students and staff of District House. Here is some of our news.

Exams and results – inspiration from District Dog Albie

Well done to all our students for the hard work and resilience you have shown in taking exams and tests so far this term. Congratulations to all our IELTS students who recently received results for their tests from December. Nearly 40% of candidates gained their qualification well ahead of schedule. Well done all of you for the improved grades and essential English language skills which are part of the passport to university, and the foundation of all your studies.

Of particular note amongst many great results was the grade 7 achieved by Maxym who writes:

“My IELTS teacher John has helped me a lot in accomplishing my score. His teaching methods were very useful, and I was very lucky to get in his class. He explains how to structure and write a text in a simple way, and I could understand everything very easily. I was able to learn the topics quickly. He teaches with a sense of humor which makes the atmosphere more relaxed and easier to prepare for the exam. He is definitely one of the best teachers the school has.”

Well done also to the students who took formal exams already this year; in IFP, BTEC and GCSE. Milestones and mock exams for most of Years 11 and 13 will take place shortly after half term: prepare well and good luck to all.

Albie, our House doggy and boarding correspondent writes (with thanks to Emma);

“I couldn’t wait for all the students to return after the holidays.  Boarding is too quiet without everyone and I missed all the attention! It has been a cold start to the term and I, along with some of our students, experienced snow for the very first time which was exciting! I tried to catch it on my tongue!

For this term our District House Boarding Council leaders Roni and Anna are organising trips to Immersive Gamebox and to a Cat Café and we also have a Charity Book Drive coming up to celebrate International Book Giving day in support of The Children’s Book Project. It’s going to be a great term!”

Student Council

Invitations for students to apply for positions on the new Student Council have been taken up by members of the House. I know we have some very good candidates of all ages. Many thanks to Emad and Stepan for your excellent service this year. You have been terrific Council members and a credit to District house.

In our assemblies we have remembered Holocaust Memorial Day – students were invited to view the small exhibition to commemorate this in the Atrium. Chinese New Year was celebrated with posters designed by Kymberlee and Imran’s group, and Imran’s team were the winners of our Chinese New Year Quiz.

Epraise points and certificates

Congratulations to every single student who has been awarded Epraise points so far this term, for academic achievement and effort, for excellence in boarding, and for contribution to community. It is most gratifying to see the very good efforts, generosity and kindness of District House students acknowledged in this way. This term already we have had four Bronze award winners-students who have gained at least 50 Epraise points. So very well done to our new awardees Mathew and Daniel in the Upper School and Hannah and Polya in Year 12.

A view from Year 12

Ali, Joe and Haoran (aka Harry), were asked if they would like to make a contribution to the FTP. Their brief  was to write about anything you like, tell the truth. This is what they wrote:

“As one of the new students at DLD College London, I find this school to be very open to diversity and culture, as it welcomes students from around the world to celebrate their festivities such as Chinese New Year, Christmas and Eid. For the few months I’ve studied here, I’ve enjoyed every moment of it as it has been such a new experience for me in terms of having my own independence:  DLD creates a fun and safe environment for us {day students} and the boarding students. I never would have thought I would be looking forward into coming to school every day. The college has made it so easy to socialise with other students as well as having an excellent teaching system. As this school is in the heart of London, it has a great view every time I come in and go out from school, as we walk past a few major landmarks of London such as the Big Ben, Parliament and the London Eye. This encourages the pupils to go out and explore the city in their free time.” – Ali

“DLD is the best school I’ve gone to so far. The rules aren’t too strict, and I feel so much more independent. I came to DLD to take BTEC Media and the lessons are so much fun. Everyone is really friendly, and it didn’t take me long to find a new group of friends.” – Joe

 “When I first came to DLD, I felt that it was a very international school and the courses of the school were diverse, so I chose Photography, Graphics and Art. The geographical location of the school is also very good. Usually after class, I can take a walk in the nearby London Eye. For daily social interaction, I also know many friends from other countries, so I think DLD is a good school.” – Harry

Burn’s Night

Last week members of District House along with fellow boarders and staff enjoyed a traditional Burn’s Night Celebration. It’s great fun to see students from many countries in the world enjoy these new cultural experiences.

“Burns night is a celebration to mark the birthday of Scotland’s national poet, Robert Burns. On this day, numerous cultural traditions and games are held to honour Burns himself and his huge devotion to Scotland. Some of the traditions are eating haggis, tatties and neeps (turnips and potatoes), a lot of singing and dancing to bagpipe music, and sharing poems and stories late into the night.

Regarding myself, this is my first-time hearing about this celebration, but I am glad I did, and I am happy that I got to taste the traditional food today in the Global Kitchen and listen to the bagpipe tune.” – Roni (District House Upper School)

Hot off the press

On Wednesday in the House Debate Competition, District House was represented by Nicky, Emil (who received a commendation), and Hannah who was chosen as best speaker. The competition is one of the most vibrant and competitive of House activities, with excellent skills shown in all House teams. So well done to District House on qualifying so brilliantly for the final: let’s see you triumph over Metropolitan House in the Championship. A special thanks to District House tutor Jan for your superb leadership of the competition once again: you inspire many students across all houses to find the confidence and fun in debating and public speaking.


A very warm welcome to District House to Sayed, Alexandra and Jana our newest members who joined us in January. It’s lovely to see that you have very quickly settled very well to your studies, and that you have started making friends and really nice contributions in tutor groups and to the life of the House.

Sincere thanks to all District House students, to the tutors Kymberlee, Janette, Michael, Meriem Richard, Imran and Emma, to Houseparents Emma and Michael, for being excellent and for remembering to be kind.

Nick Taylor, Housemaster (District)