The River Thames outside DLD College London

International Holocaust Memorial Day

27th January 23

Today Friday 27 January, marks International Holocaust Memorial Day.

Cathy David, teacher of English and Classics and our appointed Holocaust Education Coordinator here at DLD College London, organised a memorial exhibition in the Atrium to be displayed for the week leading up to today. The display, which will started on Monday 23, charters aspects of the holocaust including; the timeline of persecution, the flight into exile, the looted Jewish and European art, Jewish life before the Holocaust in Europe, and some detail of the camp system and genocide.

The Art Department have put together a display of significant Jewish artists post war and some reference to current issues of antisemitism. Thanks to Tara Garden, our Creative Arts Technician, for putting up the display,

There is also a display of books and magazines in the Library, with visuals on the notice board.

The focus theme for 2023 is ordinary people. This is reflected in the footage played in the Atrium, representing pre war Jewish life and the display in the library which highlights Christopher Browning Ordinary Men and Daniel Goldhagen Hitler’s Willing Executioners.

Next week, our Film Studies students will be studying newly restored footage of Polish Jews in 1938 to mark this theme.

Cathy David, Teacher of English and Classics