The River Thames outside DLD College London

Graduation Ceremony, Exams & Silent Discos

27th June 19

DLD College London Principal's Newsletters

The most historic room in the Houses of Parliament (Committee Room 14) is currently being prepared, chairs are being counted, spaces are being allocated, awards are being organised and speeches are being written. No, I am not talking about the contest to become the Conservative leader and Prime Minister, but the DLD Graduation Ceremony which takes place next Friday amidst the leadership race. Exciting times for Government and certainly exciting times for the College as we are literally ‘in the thick of it’. The only school in the world to have its Graduation at the heart of British politics says something about the College and its aspirations – we are fortunate to have such a good relationship with our neighbours and I am looking forward to seeing our students graduate next week – it should be a very auspicious occasion.

Whilst preparations are underway, our students continue to revise diligently and sit for their exams and the staff have been impressed at their commitment and maturity during this busy exam season. With not long to go now, staff are encouraging and motivating our students and they are responding well – I hope the experience of preparing for these exams has been a valuable one and the discipline and organisation skills learnt from this will be useful going forward.

It’s not all about exams at College but about the personal development of our students and our programme of co-curriculum activities still goes on allowing our students some time away from their books and notes and this is important from a wellbeing and mental health perspective. The silent disco last weekend in boarding proved very popular and our accomplished performances at the Waterloo Festival were assured and well received.

Although there is now just 2 weeks until the end of term, there is still much work to do and it will be interesting to see who will occupy the main seat in Committee Room 14 after next week’s Graduation…

Irfan H Latif – Principal