The River Thames outside DLD College London

Royal Wedding, Ramadan, Y12 Exams

21st May 18

DLD College Principal Newsletter

So the final preparations are underway; notes are being made, texts are being revised, nerves are being tested, tables are being organized, no it’s not the Royal Wedding but the summer exam season which started this week. The students are buried in their books and have approached the exams in a mature and methodical manner.

One colleague pointed out that it will last for some 40 odd days (much like Ramadan which also started this week and I wish all our friends who are observing this religious festival the very best) and so it’s important our students have the resilience and stamina to get through the season.

The Y12 exams start next week and this will give us a good indication of where they are academically and will form the basis of our UCAS predictions for university applications when they start the process next term, so these exams are just as important. I wish them well in their endeavours. It is also important to take some time out of the busy revision schedule to step back and take a breath, as we can sometimes lose perspective when the pressure is on.

The Y12 dramatists put on an outstanding evening this week as they dazzled students, staff and parents with their devised pieces. Their performances were assured, confident and delivered with great aplomb. It was a privilege to watch ‘Double Overkill’ and ‘Kill Your Darlings’ (I assure you it wasn’t that macabre as the titles suggest!) and to see how far some of our students have come. This weekend’s main event is the Royal Wedding, and the College wishes Prince Harry and Ms Meghan Markle the very best. Although from very different backgrounds their union suggests a change in the attitudes of the establishment. A sign that we are becoming more open and liberal in our ways; the visual aspect of the wedding will be such a big moment, especially when Prince Charles walks Ms Markle down the aisle, a glorious sign of modernity. A quality that is in abundances here at DLD College London.

Wishing you all a very Royal weekend.

Best wishes,

Irfan Latif