The River Thames outside DLD College London

Love Cakes Hate Bullies

17th November 17

DLD College London Love Cake Hate Bullies Day

Students and staff here at DLD College London, were treated to cakes on Wednesday 15th November to help highlight Anti-Bullying Week 2017.

The message sent out by the DLD Pride Group was, “Love Cakes, Hate Bullies”. Staff and students contributed to the sugary bakes, with Emily Keogh’s rainbow cake stealing the show. Emily baked the multi-coloured tiered delight herself, adding different coloured icing people to the sides to highlight the theme of Anti-Bullying Week, “all different, all equal”.

DLD College London Love Cake hate Bullies Day

Emily’s cake has been entered into Educate & Celebrates annual bake off competition, “Educake and Celebake”. Jo Harland, leader of the DLD Pride Group said, “We wanted to highlight anti-bullying week and focus on equality. Not all cakes are equal but all people are. Students and staff had to declare that they hated bullying and loved equality to get some free cake. By sharing happiness and understanding through baked goods we are celebrating those who believe in equality and may make a few people rethink their ideologies. The event gave students an opportunity to talk openly about equality issues. Australia had just had the postal vote on marriage equality and the international nature of the college meant students around the globe were talking about equality in their home countries.”

The Pride Youth Network leaders, Jamie Darke and Will Beller were also on hand to help hand out cakes. Jamie said, “I enjoyed the event, it makes me happy that DLD actually does something about equality. DLD Pride makes me so happy, I get to spend time with my friends discussing equality.” Will Beller said, “Cake is good. DLD Pride is open to everyone, whatever their sexuality, gender identity or race. This is an equalities group where all equalities issues are discussed and addressed.”