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2nd November 17

DLD College London Britannica Digital Learning

DLD College London are pleased to announce that it has recently subscribed to Britanica Digital Learning. This digital version of the Encyclopedia Britannica provides a wonderful learning resource which is available for DLD students inside and outside college. The new Head of eLearning at DLD, Saqib Safdar, arranged for Britannica’s Hayley Mills to come in to the college for the whole day. She demonstrated to students how to research a particular subject area and gather material, create their own library of resources, compile a bibliography, avoid plagiarism and generally brush up on their information skills. It was an eye-opening experience. Gone are the days of volumes of Britannica gathering dust on library shelves. With only a few computer keystrokes, students can now have access to a vast wealth of expert knowledge and opinion. Foreign students can even have articles translated into their own language. Britannica Digital Learning promises to be a wonderful asset to staff and students alike.   

DLD College London

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