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Inspiring Futures Workshop

4th February 16

Inspiring Futures Workshop

Friday, 29th January saw our first, full-day, careers DLD College London Inspiring Futures workshop for Year 11 on ‘6th Form Induction/Pathways to HE and Work’. The aim was to provide students with an awareness of Business and Enterprise through teamwork and discovery and how to apply these skills and strengths to enhance team performance. Students spent an exciting and fun-packed day, learning about the world of work and how it is constantly changing. They had a number of tasks to accomplish, including: ‘Solve the teasers’, ‘The Dolphin Challenge’, a ‘Murder Mystery’ and a T-shirt designing and creating task that required co-operation between team members, sound communication skills and creativity. After lunch, students then took part in another team challenge where they had to pitch their ideas for a new type of gadget, create a television advert and complete a business plan form. They were given departmental job descriptions to help form a board of Directors and each team had to present their work to the whole group. Here, the importance of goal setting, future planning, decision making and negotiating skills were all reviewed and discussed. Student comments included the following:

Nikita Kuksa: ‘I really liked the presentation and the day gave me more information about possible future careers. It also made me think more about my future.’

Yuliya Shegay: ‘I enjoyed the way all students worked together and were able to develop their team working skills. My favourite activity was designing and creating a T-shirt and presenting my team’s work to the whole group.’

Adam Moyler: ‘This event was very practical and as I am a kinesthetic learner this was very useful for me; I really enjoyed it.’   At the end of the day, more than half the students who attended reported that they would now spend more time carefully considering their future goals and actively seek out information and conduct their own research in possible careers.