Student Council Charity Presentation

20th November 14

DLD College London Student Council Charity Presentation

DLD College London’s Student Council Charity Presentation took place on Thursday 13th November in the Gallery. DLD’s two chosen charities this year are the John Van Geest Cancer Research Centre and Centrepoint Shelter.

Student Council President Serena Bhandari introduced two representatives from each charity and they met with students and staff for a presentation and a Q&A session to explain their organisations and how their work helps people.

Sue Dewey OBE, the Head of Fundraising from the John Van Geest Cancer Research Centre told students how they work closely with clinicians and patient groups from all over the East Midlands, trying to improve the diagnosis and management of prostate and breast cancers. She spoke of how they are developing vaccines and immunotherapies that will improve survival rates and the quality of life for cancer patients, and talked about their international research partnerships with other cancer research institutions in the USA, across Europe and Asia and the Far East.

Caroline Hughes, Relations and Events Assistant for Centrepoint Shelter spoke of how Centrepoint works with young homeless perople and gives them a chance to build a firm foundation to help turn their lives around, gives themselves a future and realise their potential. Centrepoint Shelter works with and supports over 8,400 young people a year in both London and the North East.

DLD College London are delighted to have both the John Van Geest Cancer Research Centre and Centrepoint Shelter as our two chosen charities and look forward to working with them throughout the year.

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