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If you are curious about music and want to create it then GCSE Music is for you.
What is Music?
If you are curious about music and want to create it then GCSE Music is for you. You can perform in a traditional way (e.g. piano or rock guitar) or instead produce music electronically. You also have to compose and study music from different periods and parts of the world.
What will I study?
Throughout the course you are expected to compose, perform and listen then comment on music. GCSE will introduce you to a wide range of music. You will perform, compose and listen to styles ranging from pop, to music from around the world and classical music. Only 20% of the marks are assessed by written examination in the summer.
Why should I study Music?

Music involves many different types of exciting activities such as performing, composing and learning how music from a variety of cultures and times is made. If you are concerned about performing in front of people, don’t worry, you can work in the music studio instead, (e.g. sequencing, recording and mixing).

How is it assessed?
Component 130%Performing
(Recording of 1 group and 1 solo performance)
Component 230%Composing
(Internally assessed coursework)
Component 340%Appraising
(Listening exam in summer term. Externally marked (1 hour 15 minutes)

Exam Board: EDUQAS

What do I need?
We expect all Music students to have private instrumental/vocal tuition in addition to class lessons. You need to be able to sing/play up to grade 3 standard. You can ‘perform’ using technology rather than using traditional instruments, e.g. DJ-ing and sequencing. It is useful if you are taking grade examination in music but not essential.
DLD College London GCSE Music

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“Music is one of my favourite subjects at DLD, not only because of the course itself, but because of all the amazing support and encouragement I get from my tutors, as well as my peers. Taking the GCSE music course at DLD has helped to expand my knowledge of music and also explore different aspects of the music business such as writing, recording, and producing, helping me to think about what I may want to do with music in the future. The DLD music department is filled with many talented individuals with a passion for music, and I’m very pleased to be a part of it.”
Caroline Vain – Current DLD Student

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