The River Thames outside DLD College London

Swinging through the trees

4th June 24

Last weekend we took some of our boarding students to Go Ape in Battersea Park.

Kourosh, Mohammad, Arian, Kimi and Tabassom all took to the Treetop Challenge to complete some daring crossings, obstacles, and zip lines!

As a group, we completed 3 challenging courses, each one varying in difficulty and wobbliness!

Arian is a master at Go Ape, having done it before, and is even considering a summer job there for some fun work experience!

Kimi and Tabassom enjoyed it more than they thought, also seemingly finding it very easy and were well ahead of the rest of us.

Kourosh and Mohammad were not so graceful in their attempts but still managed to complete each course, laughing at each other the whole time.

Our Boarding Assistant, Brandon, had less of a fun time… he unluckily got stuck on a zip line only half way across and needed to be rescued by one of the Go Ape instructors! On another zip line he jumped off too quickly and made himself feel sick! …Someone is getting too old for activities like this…!

Sophie Sanford, Houseparent (Jubilee)