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Drama Department Update

27th November 23

The Drama Department is making great progress in various aspects of performance and coursework. Year 13 students have successfully completed the performance element of their devising coursework, constituting 40% of their overall grade, alongside their portfolio. In preparation for an external exam, they have been studying set texts, practitioners, and dramatic devices. 

Year 12 students, meanwhile, explored the techniques of various practitioners, resulting in a successful performance for the school.

Year 11 Performing Arts students have submitted their work for components one and two, involving a thorough exploration of classic and modern interpretations of Romeo and Juliet, followed by the selection and performance of monologues for in-class assessment.

Year 10 students focused on honing their performance skills, both physical and vocal, completing a first attempt at component two. They showcased their progress through monologue performances and a diary submitted for assessment.

The Creative Arts group has transitioned from performance skills to film and media, with plans to share their creations on the school’s YouTube channel. Overall, the department demonstrates a dynamic and engaging approach to drama education.

Valentine Gale-Sides, Head of Drama