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The Language Journey – Academic English at DLD

28th September 23

The first month of the academic year has been an extremely busy one for the Academic English Department. The term began with the diagnostic initial assessments, whereby each student’s language needs are identified from the outset, allowing personalised and individual targets to be set. Following this was the customary preparation and delivery of presentations by the students on their country of origin, which highlighted the wealth of nationalities and diversity within the Department.

It was also an opportunity to introduce and embed the College values of Tolerance, Respect and Kindness. Each presenter delivered with enthusiasm and passion, while every member of the audience listened attentively, participated in the Q & A session at the end of every presentation, and provided constructive feedback on the delivery of the presentation to their classmates. The task was a perfect ice- breaker, allowing students an insight into their peers’ culture, customs, and traditions. With the classroom environment established as one conducive to learning, the English language journey begins in earnest for each of our students, with the first sitting of their IELTS exam scheduled for 2nd December.

Christalla Mavroudis-Head of Academic English