The River Thames outside DLD College London

From The Principal #189

15th September 23

James KiddAfter a busy first week, full of new student arrivals, the launch of Year 9 and introducing the second year of our Key Stage 4 BTEC programme, it has been good to get more into the routine elements of school life; those that know me will know that I am the ‘poster-boy’ for good organisation and structure being at the heart of success in all walks of life.  As such, I have been pleased to see a strong commitment from students to be here on time, engage in class and also actively participate in the co-curricular activity programme that started this week; long may it continue!

I wrote home earlier this week regarding expectations and support available – please do follow up with your child on this; often, accessing routines and support early can prevent a bigger problem from emerging. We have a team of staff here to help, so I hope that students engage and accept the help on offer. On the matter of online safety, online engagement is a potential minefield – young people are resourceful and are often one step ahead of adults with the latest trends, so good online education, reinforced repeatedly, is our best strategy. We will be covering this in school, but your support at home would be greatly appreciated.

Finally, a reminder of our values of TRACK: tolerance, respect, academic curiosity, community and kindness. It is always a pleasure to see these in action, and seeing students helping out new students as they navigate their way round a new building and systems has been a delight to see; I look forward to a year of building on this and developing a fine set of students as a result.

Have a great week.

James Kidd, Senior Vice Principal & DSL