The River Thames outside DLD College London

Introducing our Student Council Wellbeing Team

16th June 23

Even though the school year is ending, the Student Council is just starting to come up with plans for the next academic year. And one of the teams is the Wellbeing Committee of the Student Council. This year, The Wellbeing Committee comprises Ali, Diba and Matin. We all have been in DLD through our GCSEs, and now we are getting ready for our Year 13 A Levels.

During our first meeting, we talked about what we could do and what we wanted to bring to the school community. We all agreed that we, as a part of the Student Council and, more importantly, as students, are responsible for making sure that our friends and peers are supported. As Student Council members, we all have had Mental Health First Aid training, and we can provide the needed help if no one else is around. We also talked about how we could use the training we had, and we thought the best way is to initiate Wellbeing Drop-in sessions.

Drop-in sessions are thirty-minute sessions with one of the members of the Wellbeing team, and it can be just a friendly chat to get calmer, talk about exam stress, or seek help about something more serious. We can help you find the person you can talk to if you feel like you need further help, whether it is talking to a teacher about subject-specific stresses or the need to talk to the college’s Counsellor.

As well as Wellbeing Drop-ins, we are planning on having special guests as a part of our PSHE program throughout the year, having special events to raise awareness about mental health and wellbeing.

We are looking forward to next year, and we couldn’t be more excited that we get to help so much.

Take care, and enjoy the sun.

Matin R (Year 12), Student Council and Boarding Council member