The River Thames outside DLD College London

From The Principal #182

19th May 23

Lauren Moors, Assistant Principal (Academic)

It could not be more fitting than to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week with the start of examination leave for all our students. As we all enter a traditionally stressful, busy, and potentially overwhelming time, it is important that we remember to be kind to ourselves and show empathy to those around us in similar situations. At this stage of the year, I urge all student to focus on self-love and to make sure they are preparing for their final examinations or summer summatives in the appropriate manner. Zoning in on a healthy lifestyle, thinking about what nutrition they are putting into their bodies, and remembering that sleep is just as important as knowledge retention over the next few weeks.

As Assistant Principal (Academic), it is a pleasing sight to see our cloisters full of people working hard towards their goals. Though I encourage them to remember to keep healthy. Health being defined as the mental, physical, and social wellbeing, not merely the absence of disease. Therefore, it is important we are all finding outlets to look after ourselves; sharing those moments with friends, cherishing time for a walk around London, or even reading a fictional novel. Not just aiming to improve our brain capacities by working long hours into the night.

It was a great honour to present our new Student Council with their Mental Health First Aid certificates earlier this term. I use this platform as a reminder to all our students that there is help and support within your ranks. If you do wish to talk to someone about the struggles of examination pressures during this time of year, then the encouragement is there.

I leave you with a quotation by Robert Kiyosaki; ‘Your future is created by what you do today.’ So make the most of the opportunities that lie directly ahead, but remember all of DLD is here to support you and wish you luck!

Lauren Moors
Assistant Principal (Academic)