The River Thames outside DLD College London

Physics Department Update

10th February 23

It’s been a busy half term with lots of students engaging in learning.

Year 10 have been doing experiments on Hookes Law investigating the use of conditioner and its effect on your hair with the Van de Graaff generator.

Year 11 covered Waves and sang some lovely songs about the electromagnetic spectrum.  A great day at the Royal Greenwich Observatory where they calculated the age of the universe themselves!

Year 12 have been looking at electricity and charge and we now have a cohort of circuit builders and engineers.

Year 13 have continued towards their A levels with lots of hard work.  Delighted to have two students who have offers from Cambridge (Ryan P – Engineering) and Imperial (Michell Liao – Biomedical Engineering).

Happy engagement from some excellent students.  Remember there are support sessions supplied Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday open to all students.

A special Thanks to Daniella F and Jana S for their contributions for Women in Stem. There will be a display in the Atrium over the next coming week.

James Anthony Deeny, Head of Physics