The River Thames outside DLD College London

Maths Department Update

27th January 23

A busy and exciting Spring Term has started for DLD mathematicians, between the all-important mock exams and key events they can look forward to.

DLD College London’s winners of UK Senior Mathematical Challenge

Our A Level Maths students are celebrating their results in the UK Senior Mathematical Challenge, with many achieving Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards. Ryan F was the highest scoring student from DLD College London and secured two certificates. Ryan not only achieved a top Gold Award but was then invited to take part in the Senior Kangaroo round which is the next stage of the UK Senior Mathematical Olympiad. On 1st February, our well-trained puzzle solvers will attempt the 2023 UK Intermediate Maths Challenge, and we wholeheartedly support them!

Later in February, a group of A level and IFP students will be spending the day at the Royal Institution (Piccadilly) to celebrate with other schools the popular Maths Fest: an event organised by stand-up mathematician and Youtube celebrity Matt Parker. He will be joined by other great Maths communicators, such as James Grime – of Numberphile fame – and Tom Crawford, another ‘Internet Maths Phenomenon’ who teaches at Oxford.  No doubt this will be a memorable All-Maths day.

Meanwhile, weekly sessions of the Euler Mathematical Society will be exploring more fascinating topics at university level (no ‘popular science’ allowed!), such as the strange and wonderful world of fractal geometry, and a new look at Einstein’s ground-breaking relativity theory. We will also be following the efforts of mathematicians as they strive to understand patterns in nature: how the zebra got its stripes, and the leopard its spots… This line of research was actually initiated by none other than the famous World War II codebreaker: Alan Turing.

Dr Jean-Michel Delhotel, Head of Mathematics