The River Thames outside DLD College London

From The Principal #169

27th January 23

Giovanna & Ishaan, Heads of School

It’s been a few weeks since we came back from the Christmas holidays and time has passed by so quickly. We wanted to take this opportunity to say well done to all the students who have completed public exams at the start of the month. As we begin exams season and mocks, stress and anxiety levels rise, but we want to highlight the importance of looking after yourselves both mentally and physically. If you need any support in managing stress, the Wellbeing Team and the rest of the Student Council are here to help!

As January ends, Student Council applications for the upcoming academic year opens. Being a Student Council member requires lots of determination, hard work and resilience. It is an exciting opportunity that allows you to develop as a person above and beyond your comfort zone. It’s a great opportunity to add to UCAS applications but it’s not just that; it’s the experiences that come with it. Those considering applying, we wish you all the best of luck! If you have any questions regarding the selection process, we are more than happy to answer!

Additionally, the Student Council are working hard in preparation for Prom, an exciting and fun event that takes place in an amazing venue in Central London. Dates will be sent out soon so watch out for that! A survey has been sent out in selecting themes and a great thanks to the Events Team (and Jess) in working hard to organise and prepare for this event!

Further on, 25th of January marks the deadline for sending UCAS applications. Thank you, Daniel Woodley, and all UAT’s for all the hard work in equipping us during the application process. The tailored experience has extremely benefitted each and one of us and we cannot express how grateful we are to have this opportunity at DLD. A special mention to Daniel for all his contribution in managing this year’s applications. Good luck to the Year 13’s!

Giovanna and Ishaan
Heads of School