The River Thames outside DLD College London

The Weakest Link

2nd December 22

Last week saw the return of the Weakest Link in boarding, where students face off against each other in a quick-fire quiz before deciding who to vote off at the end of each round. If this wasn’t enough, they had to endure snipes, jibes and the condescending tones of yours truly before and after each round. Thankfully, our boarders have a thick skin and were able to endure the harsh, acid tongue of the host (me) and the disappointment of being voted off by their fellow participants.

It was an intense game of back and forth, with a number of students finding themselves as both the weakest and strongest links. Some like the cool-headed, Ivan DV were voted off tactically for being too strong, others (Sepehr) endured a landslide vote and not one of our political parties are hoping for at the next general election. In the end it was Vania M and Roni N who went head-to-head in sudden death, although thankfully none of them believed a monkey was the largest mammal on earth as someone had a few rounds before.

After a nail-biting finale, it was Roni who was victorious! She was the strongest link – Goodbye!

Myles Blair, Houseparent