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Promoting BTECs in the Telegraph

23rd September 22

Sarah Watson, Vice Principal (Academic)

In a wide ranging piece in the Telegraph this summer (18 August 2022) about the measures private schools are taking to widen opportunities for their students, Dr Sarah Watson, Vice Principal (Academic) extols the benefits of studying BTECs for future job opportunities.  She says:

“BTECs aren’t dumbed-down content, as per the old preconception, but entirely new subjects and a genuine choice,” says Dr Watson. “For example, we offer BTEC e-sports (multi-player gaming), which is one of the fastest-growing industries globally, especially in America and Asia. This is great for future employment opportunities.”
Then there is a College of E-Sports in the Olympic village with whom DLD College has partnered to provide a pathway for their fortunate students. “It is not,” says Dr Watson, “all about gaming. You can work in film, media, technical media or business – it’s a discipline that can open many doors.”

The full article can be read on the Telegraph’s website via this link. (Please note there is a pay wall to view this article)