The River Thames outside DLD College London

Final Debate Hub of the Year

28th June 22

A trip to South Hampstead High School ended in victory when DLD College London students won some of their debates in the last big Debate Hub friendly debating competition of the school year.

The topics were varied, starting off with the issue of whether children from the age of 10 or older should be taught about guns so they are able to deal with the problem of guns in those countries where gun ownership is legal and widespread.

The second debate centred on the televising of trials which brought into focus the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard trial. The team of Arti, Josephine and Dorsa were commended on referring to other trials such as that of OJ Simpson.

The third and final debate was centred around a newspaper article referring to the settlement of 1000 Afghan refugees in the army barracks close to a small village of 700 inhabitants. The debate itself was ‘This house believes the inhabitants should be given veto as to whether the refugees should settle’.  Both DLD teams drew the proposition and both teams won their respective debates. Once again, the team of Arti, Josephine and Dorsa were commended. This was particularly because of their defence of democracy. Afa, Rana and Arnav also received praise for analysing the resulting problems should a veto not be given.

The students showed enthusiasm and thought across all debates sparking interesting and thought-provoking deliberations.

Janette Winnick, Head of Psychology