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Exceptional IELTS Results

16th June 22

Another Year, Another Set of Exceptional IELTS Results.

Much to our disbelief, the end of the academic year is almost upon us, and it seems like only yesterday that we were outlining the expectations of the Academic English Department to the students and informing them of the programme and the year ahead. The final IELTS exam is synonymous with the end of year, and on Saturday 21st May, 87 students of the Academic English Department sat their final IELTS exam, the culmination of their efforts throughout the academic year. The majority were fortunate enough to take the exam here at DLD, a British Council approved IELTS exam centre since May 2018. Once again, the students demonstrated impeccable timekeeping and a positive attitude to the day, all arriving on time and prepared for the long day ahead. The two-week wait for the results seemed endless, but it was well worth the wait. However high the bar is set each year in terms of results, we, students and teachers collectively, never fail to surpass expectations.

The reactions of the students to their results were priceless, their happiness and excitement almost tangible, highlighting and reinforcing the importance of their English language studies in their learning journey, and in life in general. Every student has achieved the score required for the next stage in their education, be it university, or progression to different pathways within College: GCSEs, A levels, BTEC or IFP.

Another fruitful and rewarding year, all that is left to say is: we wish our students the best of luck as they move on to the next phase of their educational journey.

Christalla Mavroudis-Head of Academic English & the Academic English Department