The River Thames outside DLD College London

From the Principle #138

11th February 22

And so the halftime whistle is about to blow, and after we have taken our slice of orange, taken shelter from the rain and wind and had any scrapes and injuries seen to, we huddle together to reflect on how we have performed in the first half. Did we play to our strengths? Did we maximise our chances? Did we play together as a team? If we are in a winning position, how do we maintain that and not become too complacent and therefore not take our eye off the ball? How do we continue to work efficiently and effectively while maintaining a sense of balance and perspective? Are there any tactical changes that need to be made? I suppose what I am lamenting about here (Principal’s prerogative!) is that we as a school have also reached half time in our academic year. I am about to blow the metaphorical whistle, and I hope the following week will be an opportunity for us all to reflect on the highs (and lows) of the first half and what we have learnt and how we can all move forward to ensure that we achieve our ‘goals’ at the end of the year.

Are we in a winning position at this stage? Only time will tell, but I hope we are; otherwise, I would be doing the school a disservice. The changes that have been bought in this year to take the school forward in the next half are working through the system. We must continue to forge ahead in the best interests of the students and the school. The students themselves should now take stock of what has happened so far and should now implement their plans, if they have not already done so, for the second half. Whether that be changing one’s work ethic, developing revision strategies, training for the football team or rehearsing for the next concert or play. We must work together as a team to bring out the best in each other. The Young Entrepreneurs event, the Charity Book Drive and the excellent mixed House Netball competition are prime examples – and they all happened this week.

So as I view the educational playing field and take on board some of the tactical changes that are being made nationally (e.g. educational reform, levelling up, examinations), I look back at the first half and assess the plans going forward for the second. It is, however, worth taking a moment to pause and reflect at this stage, nurse a couple of bruises, pull one’s socks up and have a slice or two of orange.

I wish you all a peaceful and relaxing half-term holiday.

Best Wishes,

Irfan Latif