The River Thames outside DLD College London

Movember Match: Staff/Alumni v Students Monday 29th Nov

1st December 21


After having to postpone our Annual Movember match last November due to the pandemic, it was a delight to be able to host this on the last Monday of November this year as per tradition!
The fixture has become cemented in our school calendar and never fails to disappoint.

On a freezing cold evening Students (made up of the football team) and Staff (helped out by some of our fantastic Alumni – George H (2019), Ornis D (2019), Joe D (2019) and Wilson K (2020) and Velin G (supporting from the side lines) eagerly warmed up in nervous anticipation for this one-off opportunity for bragging rights. A great start from the students who took an early lead through Finn G (Y13, Piccadilly) with a good finish. That certainly woke the staff up (must have been a long day for them 😊) who quickly started to get a hold of the game, using the ball well and sticking to the game plan…”get the ball to Auryn” the Boarding teams answer to Cristiano Ronaldo!

Staff soon equalised through Auryn…game on! The game flowed back and forth with both teams having chances however, it was staff who edged into the lead with two more excellent finishes from Auryn (you’ll be hearing his name mentioned a lot). 3-1 at the break (the match was played in x3 20mins halves to make subs and give staff a breather.) Staff were grateful for the breather and some even more so to be subbed off for the young exuberance of Joe D and Ornis D coming on to do some running to help solidify their lead. Sean G made it very clear to staff that complacency wasn’t an option and like a well-oiled machine staff pushed on with a calm and clinical approach, helping Auryn to secure his fourth goal and the match ball for his hattrick (more to come from him). Students were not deterred and regrouped to set up Ben J (Y12, District) who took his chance well with a well struck shot into the far corner giving the keeper no chance, students 2 v 4 staff.

This was a crucial point in the match were staff could have easily crumbled with students gaining more chances and buoyed by their goal however, staff were locked in with laser sharp focus on this occasion and quickly managed to extend their lead putting away a further couple of goals from yes you guessed it…Auryn (6 goals scored on the night). 6-2 going into the third and final half. Some more changes for staff with the Movember stalwart (played in every match since its inception) that is Imran L coming on to sure up the game in defence along side Cameron (making his 2nd App in this fixture) to keep things tight and see the game out. Having fresh legs was a real benefit for the staff and Joe D and Ornis D (2019) worked hard to keep us up the pitch with Joe D managing to get himself on the scoresheet. Credit should be given to the students who worked until the end and even with the score line against them, persevered with positive play getting the ball to Finn G (Y13, Piccadilly) who worked hard down the left to beat two staff (I won’t mention names) and squeezed the ball bottom left to beat the excellent staff keeper Kieran McG who was fantastic throughout. The final whistle blows bringing the end to not only the match but Movember too. This annual event wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for staff and students giving up their time to play AND support from the side lines in less than favourable weather conditions so a huge thank you to all involved on the night!

Result: Staff/Alumni 8 v Students 3
POTM: Auryn

Lastly, for all the healthy competition this fixture brings in the build up it has and always will be an opportunity to raise awareness and funds for the Movember charity and I’m delighted to say that at this stage (still time to donate) as a community we have raised an impressive £630.00!

Sean Gallagher, Head of Sport and CCAs