The River Thames outside DLD College London

Artwork of the Month – April

29th April 21

The Artwork of April is a beautiful round painting called ‘Butterfly in the Belly’ by Year 13 A Level Art student Alice (Zhuoya), which is based on the feelings of falling in love. She explains how she arrived at the idea for this artwork:

‘The idea for this artwork came to me in the gallery in Beijing. I was asked by tourists to take photographs of them in front of their favourite paintings for their relatives. Through the lens of the camera I perceived and recorded their emotions aimed at their loved ones. This made me think about our need to share our experiences with people we are close to. In this artwork I depicted a girl in front of the colourful painting in a gallery. She is holding a camera with the intention to stop time and document her feelings evoked by the painting. The empty pot she carries symbolises her willingness to share experiences with another person.’

Ljubinka Jeftic, Art Teacher