The River Thames outside DLD College London

My Favourite Work of Art

28th April 21

We live in a world that is now saturated with visual imagery, it is everywhere and all around us. It is estimated that there are now at least over a billion images per human being on the planet, with some even arguing that visual language is, both culturally and globally, equally, if not more, important than text!

It was a pleasure to organise DLD’s World Art Day ‘My favourite Work of Art’ Competition this month, and even more of a pleasure to read the entries. This was especially the case with the staff entrants, who revealed in their writing a very personal connection and love of their chosen artworks. The students’ passion for their chosen artworks also made their entries a joy to read.

As someone who has been personally and professionally involved in the visual arts all their life, this Competition is simply another reminder of the truth of the George Eliot quote, ‘Art is the closest thing to life’.

Jonathan Parkhouse, Art Teacher