The River Thames outside DLD College London

From the Principal #84

19th June 20

It’s a real pleasure to greet you as we move towards the final week of the term. I hope that you are safe and well, wherever you are around the world.

As this most unusual term draws to a close, I would like to take this opportunity of thanking the DLD College London community for their support over the weeks that we have been working remotely. This has been a remarkable time when the idea of connectedness has never been more relevant. The French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry wrote, ‘remoteness is not measured by distance’ and recent events have offered a different perspective to this insight. To feel a sense of connection has been challenging throughout this period of remoteness and it was humbling to hear of how students have been continuing their studies, at times in very difficult quarantining conditions, and making effective progress in their learning. Teachers, Personal Tutors, Directors of Studies, Huddle Houseparents, Wellbeing Team and support staff have all been reaching out to the students to check on their wellbeing and progress. I would like to publicly thank them all for their continued care and considerations.

In addition to this, we have continued with virtual assemblies and meetings ensuring that the community is updated with the latest information and that the voices of staff and students are heard. I would also like to recognise the work of the Student Council over the past term in representing the voice of the students, particularly with their very articulate and considered response to the recent Black Lives Matter events. Moving forward, the Student Council will be instrumental in connecting with the new students who join us in September and be central to the enrolment and induction week at the beginning of September.

I believe the recent events have only helped to demonstrate what a strong community can achieve. Whether remote or local, connectedness matters and this is built at DLD College London around the central values of respect, tolerance and kindness. All of these values have been on display in abundance over the past weeks and it is clear that although we may, in the short term, have been distant from one another we have certainly not been remote.

I hope you enjoy a relaxing break when it arrives and very best wishes.


Thomas Hadcroft, Vice Principal (Pastoral)