The River Thames outside DLD College London

#BlackLivesMatter action by DLD College London students

10th June 20

As the protests began in London and other countries around the world, many members of our community got stuck in. They started sharing the correct articles, educating themselves and, when it was safe to do so, going out into the streets to take part in peaceful protests.

Our peers discussed with the Student Council the influence that DLD College London had and encouraged us to promote this really important cause. We then decided to create a video, quoting members of the Student Council ensuring everyone was heard. We have provided a list of charities and ways to educate yourself to become more aware and encourage the members of our community to take some action, even if it is as simple as watching a movie.

This is not a phase and the Student Council believe it is important to address these world events in real time. Hopefully we can aspire our community to read into the Black Lives Matter community and make a change.

Thank you, Charlotte and Sofya (Heads of Student Council)