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From The Principal #80

15th May 20

Marie-Do Reza Vice Principal (Academic)

Although the lockdown is starting to be relaxed, there is no relaxation yet in sight for our students. Within the next few weeks until the end of term, we have some key academic events taking place such as the start of the UCAS process next week for all Year 12 students, the progression exams for Years 9 and 12 starting on Monday 1st June and of course, the much anticipated DLD Awards Ceremony on Friday 19th June. In my last article in ‘From The Principal’, I stressed the value and benefit of continuous assessment. The work that our students are producing now is still vital for their continued personal development.

This week, our Year 11 and Year 13 students would have been starting their actual public exams. So, is it time for them to relax yet? I am afraid I have to say no! Students on the International Foundation Programmes have started their exams online and will finish mid-June. Whilst on “exam mode” students are hopefully achieving their best and we want to ensure that this is the case. For that reason and to support our Y11 and Y13 students, we will carry on offering extension activities and extra lessons after half-term. I shall write to you next week to give you further details of the A Level extension activities that we have prepared. I am delighted to introduce the Year 11 extension programme which includes extra tuition in core subjects and the “Covid-19 Time Capsule Project” led by the Assistant Principal (Head of Lower School), Gareth Evans, who will write to parents with further details.

Since the start of the lockdown, what we have learnt from the changes that have affected us is how adaptable and effective we can be when needed. Teaching is a social activity and we have missed our daily face-to-face interactions with our students so we are looking forward to seeing them back in September. However, I would like to give credit to our teachers who have certainly risen to the challenge and impressed us with their ability to change, their enthusiasm and unbounded creativity. Looking at the feedback we have received from the student surveys we have conducted, it is clear that we have managed to engage and inspire our students and their attendance online has been fantastic. So well done and keep going!

Bon courage!


Marie-Dominique Reza, Vice-Principal (Academic) DLD College London