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27th June 19

This week our Head of Wellbeing, Mark Johnson, attended training organised by YGAM (the Young Gamers and Gamblers Education Trust), a charity focused on awareness and education around problem gambling and social gaming.

Apps on mobile phones with ineffective age verification make online gambling accessible to many young people, and it was shocking (but not surprising) to discover that 12% of 11-16 year olds have gambled in the last week, by university 40% of all students surveyed had gambled in the previous month.

Online gaming is also putting young people at risk of exposure to betting with the rise in ‘Skin Gambling’, where gamers wager the rewards they earn in games (‘skins’) against the outcome of online matches. Skin Gambling is an emerging issue and on the rise and is something that we at DLD will be taking very seriously.

Through our PT and PSHE sessions and with the up to date training from YGAM we will be making sure students are aware of the risks and dangers that underage and problem gambling and gaming present.

For more information on Skin Gambling click here:

Mark Johnson
Head of Wellbeing