The River Thames outside DLD College London

Baltics Trip, Iranian New Year, Global Connections – FTP – 22/03/2019

22nd March 19

DLD College London Principal's Newsletter

It’s been another busy week here at DLD College London with numerous opportunities for students and staff to get involved in, for example there was an exciting Physics trip to CERN to see the Large Hadron Collider and we celebrated as a school the beginning of the Iranian New Year. We pride ourselves here at College on our diversity and internationalism where we embrace those core values of tolerance, respect and kindness, which are reinforced in everything that we do. Globally aware citizens are what we produce and having that cultural understanding of where fellow students (and staff) are from is so important in this day and age. My recent trip to the Baltics highlighted this – I went for dinner one evening in Tallinn to an Italian restaurant and was surrounded by colleagues (who I had never met before) from the US, Portugal, China and the Netherlands – a culturally enriching experience and one where I came away understanding how important it is to make those global connections as the world becomes a smaller place and to understand and respect different viewpoints. As we live in an increasingly multi-cultural society, the need to come together is so much more important now than it ever has been. This weekend’s Model United Nations event at Haileybury reflects that and I wish our team of students the very best and to the staff accompanying them. The debates, discussions and decisions being made literally across the River Thames as I write this week’s FTP, will have a resounding impact on our country which will be felt for generations to come. I hope that our politicians will look at schools and colleges such as ours and see that we can live together harmoniously, wherever we come from, as part of a respectful and caring community.

Irfan H Latif