The River Thames outside DLD College London

Predicting the Future

4th December 18

Everyone is trying to predict the future. From predicting the score of the DLD College London Staff vs Student Charity football match in aid of Movember, to the number of mince pies that may be eaten at the Winter Concert. It’s difficult. At Westminster this week, just across the river from College, this is exactly what ministers have been doing. The Prime Minister, Theresa May will have a mammoth task of convincing Parliament to accept her Brexit deal which she had signed off by the 27 member states last weekend. I must admit, she has a tough job but give her credit – she has remained stoic, pragmatic and resilient. When there were calls for her to resign, which wasn’t very charitable (do people actually realise what she has to do?) she stuck to her guns and the 48 signatures to the Select Committee calling for her resignation, did not even materialise. The Prime Minister has been through the mill, and to be honest, she hasn’t been through the worst of it yet but I remain confident that those important British values of tolerance and respect will be demonstrated in abundance as she tries to get her Brexit through Parliament.

So, were the staff victorious against the students in the Charity football match this week? I am sure my colleagues will indulge me here, but I think we all knew what the outcome would be. A fine performance was put in by those noble staff who took to the pitch on that cold November afternoon to pit their footballing prowess against our students. Charity was the overall winner at the final whistle and I am so proud of all who participated in this fundraising event, including all the supporters who turned out at Archbishop’s Park; we raised plenty of money for a worthwhile cause.

In the maelstrom of Brexit, Christmas, UCAS, reports, at a time when tempers can fray and baubles can break, let’s just spare a moment of what this season actually means – it’s about being charitable; its about being kind and giving something back; whether that be our time, a smile, a helping hand or even respect; I am sure that’s not too difficult to predict.