The River Thames outside DLD College London

High Temperatures, Student Councils & Approaching Exam Season

23rd April 18

DLD College London Student Council

A warm welcome back to the start of the summer term. It certainly has been warm! With temperatures in the capital reaching the high 20’s, London is currently hotter than Ibiza and Madrid! This is in direct contrast to the poor weather we experienced only a month ago when the ‘Beast from the East’ took hold of the country. Let’s hope the weather stays likes this, especially this weekend when the new student council go on an Outdoor Leadership course in Brighton.

This week we saw the introduction of the new School Council to the whole College. We were honored to have Mr Robin Fletcher, the CEO of the Boarding School’s Association (BSA) award the selected students with their gold lanyards and gave a memorable speech on fellowship and College life. It was a seminal moment when the representatives of the previous Student Council handed over the authority to the new council and I would like to take this opportunity to thank last year’s Student Council for all their hard work and effort in helping improve the student experience at College. From creating the alumni project to implementing the inaugural Graduation Ceremony which will take place at the end of June. The leadership they have shown has been outstanding and the new student council has a lot to live up to! As temperatures are set to rise in the capital, it will inevitably happen at College too as the exam season begins in earnest next month. However, we have a number of strategies and interventions to support our students and our team of experienced teachers are on hand to provide support during this stressful time for our students. The ability to remain calm and focused is imperative. Using time wisely and in a productive manner are the skills I hope that ours students have further developed whilst with us. I hope they take on board the exam advice provided by their teachers to do themselves, you and the College proud this summer.

Today it was announced in the news that the Prince of Wales will be the new Head of the Commonwealth, and that Arsene Wenger has decided to step down as manager of Arsenal after nearly 22 years of sterling service. We hope that our next generation of leaders will also leave an impressive legacy behind and help bring people and society together. Now where is my sleeping bag…

Best wishes,

Irfan Latif