The River Thames outside DLD College London

DLD Debating Club

29th January 15

Debating Club at the best 6th form college in London

DLD College London is starting up a Debating Club to encourage our students to gain experience from learning the art of speaking before the public.

A debate is an extended argument in an organised setting and all debates consist of teams, rules and adjudication. The format we use to practice in our debating club is the British Parliamentary (BP) format. It is modelled loosely on the debating style used in the House of Commons. Our coach for DLD Debating Club is Adam Hawksbee, who is an internationally renowned debater and debating coach. In 2014, he became the European Champion at the European Championships in Zagreb, beating Oxford, Cambridge and Edinburgh in the final. At the World Championships in Malaysia 2015, he was selected to judge the Grand Final and won the World Masters Championship. Adam has judged numerous debate competitions in 2014 such as Oxford IV, Durham IV, ESU Schools Mace, Nottingham Open and others.

DLD Debating Club is looking forward to participating in the upcoming debating competitions.

Robin Ng Yeelun